VIP Labels specialises in offering short runs of bespoke printed labels at affordable prices.

We provide an excellent personal service geared to meeting customer deadlines.

We also have available from stock a wide range of pre-printed labels for use in manufacturing and retail and a specialised of labels for the DVD rental market.

VIP - Goodstrack
Industrial Labels

Our product range:

1. Account Collection Stickers
2. Production, Branding and Dispatch
3. Barcodes and Bespoke Printing
4. Hazard Warning Labels
5. Address Labels and Overprinted Labels

VIP - Video Labels
DVDs, Games & Videos

Our product range:

6. BBFC Certification Labels
7. Price and Sale Stickers
8. Security Labels
9. Tags, Cases and Accessories
10. Promotion and Display Labels

For all your enquiries and to order

Telephone: 01446 773874

To avoid calls going astray and causing nuisance, please note the above number carefully
01446 - 773874 and dial accordingly

Email: sales@viplabels.com

Post: VIP-Goodstrack, Llanquian House, Cowbridge, CF71 7EQ

Labels ordered from stock can usually be despatched within 24 hours. Items requiring bespoke printing may take up to 3 weeks depending on requirements and production schedules. We try to meet customers' deadlines whenever possible.

Delivery Charges
Postal and courier charge increases have meant that we can no longer offer free delivery. Delivery and handling are charged at cost subject to a minimum of £2.00

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Read 'The Label Blog' for useful facts and information about self adhesive labels and about VIP Labels.

VIP Labels, Llanquian House, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan CF71 7EQ Tel. 01446 773874 Fax 01446 776478 email:sales@viplabels.com

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